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February 10, 2018

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5 Animals That Need Your Help!

February 10, 2018

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5 Animals That Need Your Help!

February 10, 2018


February 10, 2018


Martha Anderson

There are a lot of animals that need our help. But right now, I am going to focus on 5 when there are hundreds. Okay, let's get started. You may not know these animals, because they are rare. They are rare because they are going extinct. They are extinct because they need our help. So, here are 5 animals that are in need and are going to be extinct SOON. 


Number 1. The Amur leopard. 

They Amur leopard is a type of leopard that desperately  needs our help. This special leopard may be the most endangered big cat species in the world. There are only about 70 left on the planet. Think about that. There are approximately 8.7 million species of animals on the earth. Now that is only species. If each species had only 60 animals in that, there would be more than four hundred twenty million animals on this earth. And only 70 are these Amur Tigers.


Number 2. The Black Footed Ferret.

The Black footed ferret is an unbelievably cute mammal with a long body and, you guessed it, black feet. They are not only unbelievably cute, but also unbelievably endangered. These Ferrets are the only type of ferret native to North America. Diseases and a whole lot of destruction of their habitat caused there species to decrease by thousands in the 1900s. By 1986, only 18 remained in captivity. 18! Eighteen of these cute furry creatures remained. But, this is not all bad news. The Black Footed Ferrets are back! And with populations coming back in the hundreds. 


Number 3. Darwin's Fox.

This type of fox has a beautiful fur, and is an extremely pretty creature. Unfortunately, this type of fox are decreasing by a lot. They are now, according to www.canids.org, critically endangered. There are two types of these. One is located in Chiloe Island, while the other is located in the mainland of Chile. In 2004, Jiménez and McMahon estimated that there were around 500 of these in Chiloe. I know this is a higher population than what the other endangered species are, but this is still not many. AT ALL. Also, they are decreasing by too much.


Number 4. Giant Otter

The magnificent Giant Otter is the largest otter in the world. They are located in South America, and can be sometimes 6 feet long. Many are hunting for there beautiful fur. But, only an estimated amount of 2000 or 3000 left in the world. This is not many and should not be like this. The Giant Otter are going extinct because habitat loss, and hunters. 


Last But Not Least. Number 5. Pika

This is most definitely cutest animal ever. They have big eyes and small body. They are almost rabbit like with their ears and tail. They were discovered in 1983 and their population numbers have decreased largely since then. Now with less than 1,000 left, these furry, cute, amazing creatures are soon to be extinct.

Donate whatever you can to these creatures, they need your help. AND SOON! Donate anywhere, at any place that you know helps animals who are in need like the Amur Tiger, or the magnificent Giant Otter. Or, to speed time up, feel free to donate right here right now at the homepage of Animalove.

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